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This guide is split into several volumes:

  • User’s Guide’s Section 1 to Section 8 cover various aspects of data analysis and visualization with ParaView.

  • Reference Manual’s Section 1 to Section 12 provide details on various components in the UI and the scripting API.

  • Catalyst: Instructions on how to use ParaView’s implementation of the Catalyst API.

  • Tutorials are split into Self-directed Tutorial and Classroom Tutorials:

    • Self-directed Tutorial’s Section 1 to Section 5 provide an introduction to the ParaView software and its history, and exercises on how to use ParaView that cover basic usage, batch Python scripting and visualizing large models.

    • Classroom Tutorials’s Section 1 to Section 18 provide beginning, advanced, Python and batch, and targeted tutorial lessons on how to use ParaView that are presented as a 3-hour class internally within Sandia National Laboratories.


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